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Watch our short documentary


It was in the December of 2015 that Anna and her family were walking home from a school Christmas Concert, when her husband and son were suddenly hit by a car right before her eyes. Stuart her husband died on impact, however, her son Fraser was eventually taken to a specialist unit at a Bristol hospital. Tragically his injuries were too severe for him to survive.

It was at this point that Anna was asked the question, “Would you like to donate your son’s organs?”. At this completely life shattering time, when Anna was in severe shock, that was not a question she felt emotionally capable to answer. She needed support more than ever, however, she had to make her decision quickly and fill in the complicated paper work alone.

In a time of such utter darkness, Anna created light by making the brave decision to donate Frasers organs – which saved the lives of four critically ill people.

Anna received no support from the health service after leaving the hospital. She was left to go home and continue life, looking after her three year old daughter and somehow create a new normal for them both.

Support came flooding in from friends, family and people who had heard about this tragic story via the media. Anna then realised she could direct her grief in a positive way, by starting a charity to support people affected by Organ Donation and educate people on the fab gift of life.

Just one week after losing half of her family unit, Anna founded the Believe Organ Donor Support Charity.

See the Our Work page to discover where the journey has taken Believe.


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