I was inspired to work with Believe due to their unfailing and important mission of organ donation support.  This is something that resonates with me deeply.  During sixth form, I had a wonderful friend called Becky.  She had cystic fibrosis but despite the challenges she faced she was upbeat, always up for a laugh, and a wonderful friend. When she was 18, the need for a donor became urgent.  I remember thinking ‘people pass away every day, she should easily get what she needs’. Unfortunately, this was before the ‘opt out’ system.  No donor was found and Becky passed away when she was 19.

Now, one of my husband’s cricket friends is waiting for a kidney transplant. His wife works at my daughters school and they are a lovely family with children the same age as ours. Despite the ‘opt out’ system in place, he has been waiting a significant length of time and his life is getting more severely impacted by his condition as time goes on. My husband is currently trying to lose weight so he can be tested and hopefully be a match.  Believe do a wonderful job of raising awareness and the more families that have these important conversations, the more lives can be saved.  I’m hoping this choir project will help to raise the profile of this wonderful charity and the work they do, as well as providing an outlet and some unity to those affected by transplant and organ donation.


OVER 1,200

patients died without receiving their required organ in 2017




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